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The vision of the Sigma Academy for Leadership and Early College is to provide world-class and authentic education to students in and around the Highland Park, Michigan and Greater Detroit that will culminate in their graduating from high school and with an Associates Degree which allows them to accept a high-skill/high-demand career pathway, become viable members of society, informed and engaged citizens, and ethical leaders for their local, regional, state, national, and global communities.  


The mission of the Sigma Academy for Leadership and Early College is to ensure that students in and around Greater Detroit gain a world-class education base on the pathways of Bigger and Better Business, Social Action, and devotion to scholarship. The ultimate goal for Sigma Academy for Leadership and Early College students to graduate with an endorsed high school diploma and an industry-recognized credential and/or Associate's Degree. At the very least, one hundred percent of Sigma Academy for Leadership and Early College Students will graduate from high school and attain post-secondary credit and an Industry Recognized Credential which will lead to entrepreneurship and/or viable employment, engaged citizenship and a commitment to life-long learning.

Furthermore, the Sigma Academy for Leadership and Early College mission includes a commitment to providing an educational opportunity that is both equal and equitable. This addendum to the mission, stated more explicitly, is to improve the quality of life for the traditionally underserved students in the Highland Park and Detroit Metropolitan area, by providing world-class educational programming that ensures authentic college and career readiness in the globally competitive marketplace. This mission is predicated upon the belief that world-class educational quality attracts talented and high-performing students from not only the city of Highland Park but also the City of Detroit and surrounding suburbs. World-class quality exists where there is inclusion, opportunity to earn, rigor, and relevant programs coupled with instructional excellence.


The Board and founding team developed the vision and mission of the academy, and these developers were informed by research on best practices in instruction, educational and career readiness alignment, adverse childhood experiences, cultural competency, resource allocation and organizational management, restorative justice, curriculum development.   

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